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Alp Sayin

PhD. Radar Engineering
Electrical, Electronics and Systems Engineering

MSc. System-on-Chip Design
Electrical, Electronics and Computer Systems Engineering

BSc. Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Technical Lead

Company : Novit.AI

E-mail : alpsayin[at]novit[dot]ai

Personal : (outside university server)


TL;DR: I like technology, system-design, communications, and programming, and I'm good at it. I have a skill set that's best described "jack of all trades, master of none". Because I learn fast and only the necessary parts.

During my BSc, I actually delievered 4 separate senior projects, 2 from electronics engineering and 2 from industrial engineering. The first project was my own senior project.
  • -Computer-vision based automotive side-mirror adjustment system (software design & implementation),
  • -VHDL transceiver design for underwater communications (hardware coding),
  • -City refuse collection system optimization (algorithm development & implementation),
  • -Automotive spare-parts distribution schedule optimization (algorithm development & implementation).

After that I did freelance application development with C/C++ and Java. Also worked on projects related to embedded sensory applications (embedded software and circuit/PCB design).

Did an MSc. and focused on embedded software. I've done my thesis project on creating an infrastructure to carry data for low-cost, low-power, long-range communications with amateur radio bands (optimized IP stack implementation that uses off-the-shelf amateur band modules and PCB design).

I have co-founded a tech company with government funds that works on swarm AI technologies for unmanned vehicles. We also dealt with web/mobile application projects as side-projects for income.

I also now have a PhD (which I got full scholarship and stipend for) and worked with MIMO radars for automotive radar applications involving array optimisation and short-range sensing. I then worked as a postdoc research-fellow at MISL of University of Birmingham. My main subjects were spaceborne, synthetic aperture, passive, MTI and MIMO radars (and their combinations).

I've now taken a position at Novit.AI where I implement WSNs, and doing radar and image post-processing and using AI to fuse data to deliver insights to businesses.

Research Interests

  • Optical & Radar Image Processing with AI
  • Data Fusion of WSNs and Spaceborne Multi-Spectral Imagery
  • Spaceborne Radars with Illuminators of Opportunity
  • Passive Bistatic Synthetic Aperture Radar
  • MIMO (Multiple-Input-Multiple-Output) Radars
  • Automotive Radar Applications
  • Phased Array Radars
  • Heuristics & Optimisation Algorithms
  • FPGA Embedded Systems & SoC Architectures
  • Parallel Processing and Programming Techniques
  • Low-Power Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Group Unmanned Vehicle Intelligence (Swarm AI)


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