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Alp Sayin

PhD. Radar Signal Processing
School of Electrical, Electronics and Systems Engineering
University of Birmingham, United Kingdom

MSc. Embedded Systems Design
School of Information Communication and Technology
KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

BSc. Electronics Engineering
Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Bilkent University, Turkey

p.s. the diploma titles above are what they really are about rather than their original ambiguous names. i.e. I know jack shit about electrical (power) engineering


TL;DR: I like technology, system-design, communications, and programming, and I'm good at it. I have a skill set that's best described "jack of all trades, master of none, still better than one". I learn fast, adapt fast and deliver efficiently.

During my BSc, I actually delievered 4 separate senior projects, 2 from electronics engineering and 2 from industrial engineering. The first project was my own senior project.
  • -Computer-vision based automotive side-mirror adjustment system (software design & implementation),
  • -VHDL transceiver design for underwater communications (hardware coding),
  • -City refuse collection system optimization (algorithm development & implementation),
  • -Automotive spare-parts distribution schedule optimization (algorithm development & implementation).

After that I did freelance application development with C/C++ and Java. Also worked on projects related to embedded sensory applications (embedded software and circuit/PCB design).

Did an MSc. and focused on embedded software. I've done my thesis project on creating an infrastructure to carry data for low-cost, low-power, long-range communications with amateur radio bands (optimized IP stack implementation that uses off-the-shelf amateur band modules and PCB design).

I have co-founded a tech company with government funds that works on swarm AI technologies for unmanned vehicles. We also dealt with web/mobile application projects as side-projects for income.

I also now have a PhD (which I got full scholarship and stipend for) and worked with MIMO radars and sonars for automotive radar applications involving array optimisation and short-range sensing. I then worked as a postdoc research-fellow at MISL of University of Birmingham. My main subjects were spaceborne, synthetic aperture, passive, MTI and MIMO radars (and their combinations).

I've then taken a position at Novit.AI where I implement WSNs, and doing radar and image post-processing and using AI to fuse data to deliver insights to businesses. There, I've developed, from scratch, an AI pipeline that would generate reports based on periodic influx of satellite-imagery. My final project was an automated temperature measurement kiosk since we were in the middle of a pandemic...

Oh, while doing that I also taught Digital Design and Embedded Systems modules at Bilkent University Computer Science Dept. for about 3 years and 1 term in Middle East Technical University's Computer Engineering Dept.

Thanks to the rise of normalisation of remote work during pandemic, I then started working as a remote firmware engineer with Dekunu Tech (based in NSW, Australia), a company that produces smart-altimeters for sport skydivers.

Towards the end of the pandemic, I decided it's time move again and started working as a firmware engineer at Xilinx (now AMD) in Cambridge, UK. We're producing network accelerator cards.

Though I couldn't keep myself too far away from university so I also had the chance to work as a supervisor for Concurrent & Distributed Systems and Computer Networks modules for Robinson College of Cambridge University.

As a work-task turned into hobby, I'm also porting Zephyr RTOS & picolibc to Microblaze processor nowadays...

Coming soon...

Fields of Work

  • Sentinel-5p Data Processing and Visualisation
  • Spaceborne Optical & Radar Image Processing with AI
  • Wireless Sensor Networks for Edge AI
  • SapceX Starlink as Spaceborne Radar Illuminators of Opportunity
  • Passive Bistatic SAR with Terrestrial Illuminators
  • Passive Bistatic Radar for Maritime with GNSS as Illuminators
  • Phased and MIMO (Multiple-Input-Multiple-Output) Array Radar & Sonar
  • Heuristics & Optimisation Algorithms
  • Parallel Processing and Programming Techniques
  • Low-Power Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Wireless Sensor Networks with Contiki-OS, TinyOS
  • Embedded Software Architecture w/ RTOS
  • Group Unmanned Vehicle Intelligence (Swarm AI)
  • Embedded Software Architecture and Baremetal


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