Weekly Report 01/06/2012-08/07/2012

+Do the experiments. See notes for process.


+Field tests with radiotftp in 144 and 433 Mhz bands are complete. Due to the downsizing the rest of the experiments will be completed in lab environment.



Next Week:
+None for now.

After the first experiments in Tekniska Museet, it was clear that the number of measurements was too much for the remaining time. Due to this fact, a downsizing has been done. In field only radiotftp is tested, and rest of the solutions will only be tested in lab environment.

Also probably due to a mismatch in antennas for 433 Mhz band, the day in Tekniska Museet is wasted. The problem is solved by using the antennas of the Maas handhelds.

To test if the antennas are good for 144 Mhz band, an initial test of up to 600 meters was performed in Kista. The antennas and the rest of the equipment was ready for actual experiments.

Finally 144 Mhz experiments and 433 experiments are held in Gamla Stan reaching to a maximum of 2.1 km. While the 144 Mhz equipment had no trouble reaching that distance, 144 Mhz equipment was barely able to communicate at 400 meters.