Weekly Report 27/05/2012-03/06/2012

+Continue and finish porting radiotftp
+Start tests of radiotftp with cables
+Start working on the radio_tunnel solution
+Adjust the timing settings of Radiotftp for 4800 baud
+Schematic design for a UHX1 board

+Porting to Atmega128 is completed, tests are ongoing.
+Timing adjustments are completed, tests are ongoing.

+Porting tests are still ongoing.
+Work on radio_tunnel solution is progressing as expected.

+Schematic design for a UHX1 board had to be delayed.


Next Week:
+Finish tests and verify radiotftp_process
+Continue and finish radio_tunnel solution and start tests
+Update the project plan with respect to feedback from Bjorn

While porting radiotftp to Atmega128 some problems occurred related with powering the board and baud rate settings. Although both problems are solved, they caused some delay in the progress. At first the problem seemed permanent, therefore a "beacon" mode for radiotftp is developed. Which is sending out data in a single packet without expecting any acknowledgments (much like the APRS protocol actually). It was tested and verified. But, in the meantime the main problem is also solved so the main task had to be restarted from the beginning(main task: porting of radiotftp client functions to Atmega128).